In late 2021, Hedgehog founder Bjørn Holte met with Stig Førrisdal (@DroneStig, @stig_forrisdal), founder of DronePodden (@PoddenDrone), to discuss being a serial entrepreneur, living in New York City, losing a loved one to cancer, and never giving up. Interview in Norwegian.

Erin, mother of 4 kids (ages 1, 7, 9, and 11) and co-founder of Hedgehog, dislikes the chaos of rushed mornings as she and her husband get the kids up and out of the house for school. Over the last few years, she´s come up with some tips and tricks to help make the mornings go more smoothly.

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The Red Dot Label has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design.

Hedgehog founder, Bjørn Holte, shared his insights on entrepreneurship at several events.